Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Best Laid Plans

(Disclaimer: I found this difficult to watch. ) 

I found this video on another site I frequent and it made me stop and really think about how quickly life could come to a halt for anyone of us. For all the time I spend planning and organizing and scheduling, there are just some things in life it is impossible to plan for. Practically speaking that is.

You know little things like Tsunami's, or Earthquakes, or Cancer. The many and varied  faces death takes on, catches us off guard, doesn't it? Since it is Lent and I am supposed to be thinking on these Last Things, I figured I would share it with you readers who might also interested and would like your own  personal wake up call. It is a little difficult to watch. At least it was a little difficult for me to watch. Probably because when it comes to thinking of my last minutes and what might be right after, I don't feel anywhere near ready.I fight that thought regularly. In fact I found myself trying to coach the folks onto the roof-tops in hopes they could ride out the wave. I yelled at them from my heart to get to higher ground. I surveyed the area looking for the safest place. All this  as I watched this one full month AFTER their final minutes had come and gone. Lord knows I hope He can at least catch me waiting  for a loved one or reaching out my hand as some of them did for others, with my last breath. Bad things happen to good people each and every day.

And honestly, its not likely that a Tsunami that will catch me off guard and take me. And its probably not going to be an earthquake either. Nor a hurricane. Probably won't be a car accident, or a plane crash, or train wreck. 

But its out there, isn't it?
I am not going to get off this planet alive.
All living things must die.

My own personal Tsunami is waiting for me, one of these days. Somewhere. Just around the corner.

Here is what I can honestly tell you about my last day, today April the 12th, 2011 when I am alive and well. I don't feel ready yet to meet Jesus. At least not for good.  I need to clean up my act. There is much more to be done. I think I better get to work. Thank goodness He is only one prayer away.

St Joseph patron of a happy death, pray for us.

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