Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Waiters and FBI Agents

 Spring has come to our yard. I know this not simply from the warm wonderful weather, but also from my dear little children who can hardly keep themselves inside any longer. Michael announced to me in the school room yesterday morning in complete earnest "Mom, do you hear those birds??? They are telling me to come outside!" Thankfully, their work load is beginning to let up at just the right time. This is why I almost never, ever, ever, ever, take sick days, or days off from home-schooling- it really pays off when May rolls around and you don't have to cheat to get out of class early. Already some of their books are completed, and they are down to  reviewing in others. 

So, they head out to the sandbox and swing set as soon as I'll let them go. I sat watching them yesterday as they played in the fresh  two yards of sand Fred just had delivered to our sandbox before Easter. 

And while I read I heard a whole little world emerging. It began with Joseph, Thomas, and Michael acting as waiters for Mary, Sarah, and Sophia. They were taking orders for dinners from them, while the girls sprawled out on the green grass happily. The girls had turned their brothers into waiters! They would return to the sandbox to cook up the orders before serving their sisters very politely. I was really touched at the sweetness of it all , and I was looking forward to sneaking in a phone call to Fred to tell him how perfect our children were. Within minutes I noticed the girls voices grew slightly discontented. Apparently, Joseph was an undercover F.B.I. agent who had infiltrated their restaurant. He had now completed his sting operation and was ready to cuff them and put them in prison.Which, rather conveniently, was located directly next door to their restaurant. I am still unclear as to what the actual charges were. In any case my girls were certain they hadn't done anything wrong.  Well, Sophie might have done some vague something.

 Hopefully, they'll get time off for good behavior. 

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