Friday, April 12, 2013

Family Teacup Treasure!

So, I got this wonderful package in the mail today. It came from Fred's cousin Suzanne all the long way from Florida. She had seen a post I wrote a while back about my teacup collection, and was inspired to send this along. This little beauty belonged to Fred's grandmother, Gisele. Suzanne goes on in a lovely note, to the explain how strong Memere was, with an incredible heart, who was utterly devoted to her family. I know this mostly from  similar stories I have heard from Fred, and his siblings, and Angela and Phil.  I met her a few times, and spoke with her more than that after Fred and I were married. She had a fun, happy, disposition and was very wise. Phil adored his Mom and still misses her. She always called Fred "old Fred", even when he was a little boy.  Suzanne grew up next door to Memere and Pepere and seeing my post, thought this would fit in well with our collection. Somehow I think Suzanne might be a strong, generous type herself. Perhaps it rubbed off from living in such close proximity. In any case, it is absolutely lovely, and now a most  cherished part of our collection.(Thanks ever so much Suzanne!) Here are some photos.

close up- look at the pretty flowers!
just the right shape to fit here!
I have a feeling this will be well used!

(Oh, and if any of the rest of you get a sneaky idea like Suzanne did to send me a little something after this post...go right ahead... I am so loving this!)

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