Monday, April 8, 2013

A lovely day

The weather was so lovely today. It lifted my spirits to be outside. We were on vacation last week, so I spent plenty of time outdoors with the kids, but it was C-O-L-D! We got out quite a bit to parks, and  the library,  and lunches, and with friends. We also did some really good spring cleaning. Lots of clothes went out of the house, not as much coming back in.

And Fred is about as happy as you can get these days. He ordered a dozen fruit trees to plant around our yard. They arrived and  in the last few days he has begun planting. Cherry, plum, apple, peach are the varieties. They won't bear for about two years, but we can wait.It makes us hopeful.

Fred and I planted big gardens, and raised a few animals when we lived in Vermont. We are always trying to get back there. But life can come at you pretty fast with ten kids, so we stopped getting anxious over it the last few years. Now we're ready to start back up. My part is to slowly begin this year doing a garden in pots by the pool area and a small area for potatoes. I will not bite off more than I can chew. If we are very lucky, we'll have a few chickens before long. 

Sorry for the break from blogging, but we had last week off and I promised my kids to spend lots of fun time with them. Speaking of breaks...might I ask a few prayers for my sweet mother-in-law Angela? I know I make good sport of her here, but I am really so blessed by her in a million ways. She had a nasty spill today while out on a walk, and managed to break her nose and cut up her hands and body pretty badly. It wouldn't be such an awful big deal if it hadn't been the fourth time she has broken her poor nose! I spoke with her tonight and while she is upbeat, she is suffering. I am sure it was as difficult on my father-in-law, so remember them both if you will.

The whole earth is alive right now, make sure you don't miss it! Go drink in some sunshine tomorrow!

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