Saturday, April 13, 2013

Knock knock-who's there-Spring!

I'm tucking in three little dollies for the night. They had a long busy day in the sunshine, so did their brothers. This time of year is so full of happiness isn't it? All the little unexpected joys that come with the remembrances that accompany spring. Fred gave me a tour of all the trees he planted over the last 2 weeks. Much to his astonishment, the first tree he planted already has buds. He was super happy about that. And our blackberry bushes, which were planted more than a year ago are taking off too. I began my herb garden today, and we'll start the container veggies this week. 
sorry its blurry

Andrew put together a bird feeder with the little ones so they could see them while they play on the swing set and in the sandbox. All day long I was given beautiful bouquets of flowers, first from Michael, then from his sisters. Dandelion bouquets are arguably the prettiest bouquets on this fine earth, just ask any mother. 
Mary gave me these
Michael and Lo-lo added these all afternoon
Andrew being patient
Its all together-and we forgot to put seed in!
That's better-but why won't the birds come yet?

Lastly, Mary, and Sarah, and Sophia are trying to figure out knock knock jokes. It must come with the age, since really and truly, each one of my children has woken up one  bright morning it seems, with the determined goal of mastering a knock-knock joke.  It takes a looooonnngggg while to really get it down, I have unfortunately found. Thankfully, it is no longer just me and Fred trying to help the situation along. We now have a house full of people who do their best to explain where 'the funny part' actually is. Here is Sarah's first attempt:

Sarah: Knock Knock!

John-Paul: Who's there?

Sarah: Alligator

John-Paul: Alligator who?

Sarah: See you later Johnny!

Yeah, see what I mean? She, of course found it hilarious. She laughed for a whole minute, which then made everyone else laugh, and unwittingly convinced her it was a terrific knock-knock joke. Its a long difficult first world dilemma.



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