Saturday, February 2, 2013

The Grand Scheme

Sometimes I take myself too seriously. We all do I suppose. Life comes at us hard and fast, and we get too stuck in the individual moment to step back and see we are just a piece of the giant puzzle called life. Thankfully, my faith and family bring me back to reality most days, and ground me in what is, and is not truly important. 

There is not really a whole lot most of us can do to change the universe, but we certainly can and should affect the small parcel God has placed us on. We can bring more love to those around us, and if love is too much, maybe just a few smiles, and if simple smiling is still asking a lot- maybe just a wink or a nod. How you do it is entirely up to you, THAT you do it- is pretty important.
And for those days when your life seems just so hard to take and you think the decisions you make are so vitally important- here is a wonderful graphic to help you see things in their proper perspective once again. Play around with this one for a while, it's really eye opening. Just click on the link below to begin your journey- have fun!

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