Wednesday, February 13, 2013


I love Lent. I know that must sound crazy, but I actually do.It is such a good time in the liturgical year to take a deep breath and assess where you are at and what direction you need to be heading. Its a fresh start for the soul, and who doesn't need that?

The last few years we have done all the regular traditional Lenten things in our house, and we like to pass the traditions along to our kids so they take root. But I also have found that I have a different perspective on Lent lately. Having a good Lent for me this year will not be so much about making sure I  rev  my prayer life, or renounce something I like too much,( plenty of room for those things too) but instead, being attentive to the regular sufferings we are all offered on a daily basis due to that condition we all suffer from called life. 

Suffering is all around us. Small and large. Learning to look at it with eyes of love or patience  or compassion can not only change our perspective, but also change our hearts, and those of others. So that is what I will try for. Whatever Jesus offers me over the next 40 days I will attempt ( and undoubtedly fail) to say Thank You for it, whether it seems to be a good or an evil that befalls me- I will do my best to be grateful, knowing it has come from the hands of a Father in heaven who loves me, knows me, and desires it for my good- even if I am unable to understand why. 

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