Tuesday, February 26, 2013

My Family

My children and Fred are a great blessing to me these past few days after losing my Mom. No matter how much I want to sink inside myself, they still need me, and talk to me, and stop me from too  deep a sadness. Dinner still has to be made, and clothes washed, and school taught. I really love this part of my life, where my routines actually keep me moving in the right direction. Its all so comfortable and familiar to me,so that I can do it without much thought, and still be useful. And who couldn't smile when little Sophie shows up at the side of my bed in the morning saying she is going to go and get a cup of coffee? (Yes, she seriously does that).

My kids and Fred are trying to work their through grief too, and so we are all being gentle with one another. Otherwise, it would be easy to forget I am not the only one missing my Mom. I am sad for them, but also glad for the shared feelings that need no explanations. There is so much to be grateful for- a long life well lived, and generations going forward. But there is never a good time to lose your Mother.

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  1. I love you so much. I love this. When I used to think about holiness, "ordinary" life always seemed so "ordinary". Now, though, I see how fitting it is that God would pull us closer to him in this hidden but quietly beautiful way. Kisses to everyone and deep hugs that say more than words are what I would offer (and prayers).