Friday, February 8, 2013

A Snowstorm in Spirit

My whole family is becoming encapsulated in the New York snowstorm for the next few days. I figured there was only one way to remain united to them all properly,and that was to join them in spirit. Tonight we are 'snowed in' here at Four Gables, despite the lack of snow on our ground. We ran out for last minutes supplies ( Peter is making seven layer bars in case we lose power).
We have our favorite books near-by ( looks like Treasure Island gets a second run for the boys), and I am renting The Count of Monte Cristo for our evening viewing. 

We'll spread some blankets on the floor, make some cocoa, and enjoy this time that Winter forces itself so strongly on us, it makes us sit home and simply be, with those we love most. There is something to be said for having to sit and wait patiently while all sorts of storms in life pass us by. What can seem so frightful in the moment, can often be transformed by mornings light. The snow that was menacing, leaves behind a dazzling brightness making all things look different and beautiful still. Glad to be with all of you wonderful NYers, even if it is only in spirit for the moment. You are all so close to my heart!

1 comment:

  1. Man... ttose bars are mere torture to be seen in a photo and not tasted with the mouth. Thanks El.

    Count of Monte Cristo! GREAT movie. Should have watched that. BUT... we did watch Snow White & the Huntsman and rather liked it.

    Stay "safe" in your "storm" (in spirit)