Monday, February 11, 2013


Waking up and finding out your Pope has abdicated the throne doesn't make for the best start to a day. What can a Catholic girl offer her readers in regards to  this momentous impending change on such short notice? I suppose the only thing fresh I can put out in front of you is the first thing that came to my mind  after I read the news. Two words:

St Malachy.

This is an Irish saint  who had visions of all the Popes. He made a list of 112. We just finished lucky # 111 in Pope Benedict the XVI. I don't know about you but this is how that makes me feel-


His track record is notable for its accuracy. (Seriously-the Mayans had nothing on this guy). Some not-so-great-things go along with the last Pope and all.  Things like persecutions, and beasts, and thirds of stars falling from the sky.You know, all that fire and brimstone stuff. And no,  I am not linking anywhere, I'll let you do your homework yourself tonight.

I am not given to prophecy or superstition ( well, OK- I really AM ) but this one is pretty intriguing regardless.  I intend to have the best Lent EVER. Does anyone know where to pick up a good hair shirt?

Gosh, all of you GO PRAY!

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  1. Hi Ellie. Here's an interesting article regarding this.

    We should all pray, but we should be praying continuosly anyway. I'm a proponent for prayers of thanksgiving knowing that Christ has assured us that the final victory is His.

    Jesus himself tells us in Matt 6 and Luke 12 NOT to worry.