Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Uma Numa

We've had a lot of Sophisms lately.So I thought I might as well share them with you. Last week the little lady climbed into my lap and sighed, then said "I've always wanted a Mommy just like you." Its funny, cause I never knew I wanted a little girl just like her until she was already here. Thank Goodness God  knew it ahead of me.

John Paul was babysitting for her recently and she told him " John Paul if you don't give me a banana RIGHT NOW, I'm gonna die!"

Last night as Fred was putting her to bed she announced to him "Daddy, I can speak Spanish." Fred kissed her and said "You can, show me..." To which she replied proudly

"Uma Numa"

Sounds Spanish enough to this un-discerning ear. Its hard to believe she is almost three. I can't imagine the world, or my life, without her.

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  1. Man... she's so a female "Michael" look alike. Super cutie patootie! KIsses little Uma Numa