Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Stage Fright

John-Paul and Matthew are participating in the play Frankenstein this coming week. Another few moms, (who have way more talent and  energy than I do), put together a small drama club at the boys Tutorial. The idea is not really so much  the stage performance, (though that is a whole lot of fun) as it is to introduce the kids to classic literary works. They study the script for a few weeks in parts to get to know it, and end it with a small public performance before moving on to the next selection. 

John-Paul plays Dr. Frankenstein,( which unfortunately  will always and forever be synonymous with Gene Wilder's face, in my mind, after seeing Young Frankenstein) and Matthew plays his college roommate. They had a dress rehearsal today to ready themselves for next week. My older boys never wanted to perform on stage in the home-school plays in years past. They were not at all suited to it, and I thought it best not to push them. When John-Paul and Matt said 'yes' right away to the invitation, I was pleasantly surprised.  Let's hope this might be a way to get the next batch of kids involved. I am always amazed at the variety of personalities coming from the same set of parents. 

Not sure what play will they will tackle next, but I know the original list had some great Sherlock Holmes selections, and choices from Shakespeare as well. It makes me seriously happy that my kids are being exposed to classic works in a place where its perfectly acceptable for it to be cool. 

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