Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Post Christmas

We are back to school today. And to order, and schedules, and work, and  daily duties. We had a lovely Christmas time break in which we ate and drank too much, played games until late into the night, went sledding  every single  day, and grew three times more lazy than we ought to have. (Full disclosure- Fred bought me an easel and some paint supplies, and so in lieu of writing I have instead been painting-yay!) Christmas has lasted in our house this year, and seems to have taken hold, even today a dear friend brought me a late gift of a darling Wedgwood teacup that has been for years in her family! It is so sweet and the only one I have that has raised, cameo like features.
But play time is past now and today had me itching for my normal life again. I don't 'normally' feel like getting back to school and work and life, but I am cheerful right now and so it doesn't seem too bad. I am thinking that many of you are back to your own view of 'normal' but maybe you are not so happy about it as I am. Oh bother!

Plus, today Joseph turned eleven years old. ( but that's not the same as his eleventy-first birthday mind you.)
We made tacos for dinner at Joe's request, and had more cake and presents to open and more celebrating as well. What a good son he is. Pleasant and happy with a small twinkle always in his eye.

The twinkle is easier to see without shades!
We rekindled an old tradition at our house this year. I had known it from years ago, but haven't done so in a while. We copy out all the virtues we humans should have with a small explanation and then place them individually in a jar. In the New Year as we approach the epiphany ( which is when the wise men gave gifts- so we are now in this tradition, the lucky recipients of these heavenly gifts) we all draw one virtue out which is supposed to be sent to you from above. You in turn are to work at cultivating that virtue for the rest of the year. Its sounds like a game of chance until you pray over it and draw one out. We were all astonished at how appropriate our virtue was- (its particularly telling with those whom you live as you are sure to know their vices so well that you actually hope for what they get!) In any case, its a wonderful exercise in building Christian character. And after all the awful tragedy we had these past few weeks, isn't it time to be part of making a difference in ourselves in order to make this world a bit better for the people around us?

I happen to have a jar stuffed full of virtues still, so if any of you good folks out there are looking for a gift from God in this New Year, email me or stop by and I am happy to draw one for you, or let you pick yourself!
Here is what we drew:
Fred- Impartiality
Ellen- Joy
John-Paul- Simplicity
Mary- Spontaneity


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