Sunday, January 27, 2013

Toddlers and Teenagers

Sophia ( Lolo) turned three today, and Matthew turned thirteen. This is our last birthday for a while now. It picks back up at the end of Spring. I can hardly believe that, not only is my baby three, but I have ANOTHER teenager in the house. Time is flying. Lolo was happy just being the 'special person' in our house for the day, while Matt and his brothers, and some friends, went off  ice skating for the afternoon.

Since many of you are probably wondering- yes, both Matthew and Sophie share the same birthday exactly 10 years apart. Matthew born in 2000 Sophia in 2010. Matt was one of my easiest births, Lolo- not so much.

For the past 6 weeks Lo lo has gotten up every morning and asked if it was her birthday yet, and if she could have a pony cake for it. Ponies are  all that for Lolo right now. And since this birthday cake was of such vital importance to her, I decided to call in the experts on it. My friend Sarah pretty much rocks the cake decorating scene. I asked if she would be willing to do the cake again this year ( she has done the last 2 years also) and she agreed. Matthew graciously decided  a  pony cake was wonderful this year, seeing that his baby sister really wanted it. But my friend Sarah is not your ordinary kind of clever. She decided to make it work for both of them while still being one cake. The best part of that tasted even better than it looked!

Lolo side
Matt side
The cake and a few games of pass the parcel, and musical chairs, made for a pretty sweet day around here.
But the both of them are pretty sweet anyway.

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  1. I totally didn't see this post at all. Did you post it on FB? Anyway, that cake is the most amazing thing ever!!! Happy birthday to Matt and Lolo!!!