Wednesday, March 23, 2011


I am almost done telling you all about our trip to North Carolina. On Saturday Sarah briefly escaped the room while chasing after her brothers. They of course didn't know she was following so went blindly on. Mary turned and said "Mom, where's Sarah?" and on quick scan mode I knew she was gone. Luckily stepping outside the room and hollering "Sarah" I heard her just beginning to cry and honed in on her signal.It was coming from below. In all of about 3 seconds I was down the next flight of stairs. whoever says humans have no super powers has not met ANY mother in search of her child. Trust me we CAN leap tall buildings ( and long staircases) in a single bound. In any case she was on the next floor down trying desperately to get into what she mistook for our room. The length of the episode from start to finish lasted about 45 seconds total so there was only slight trauma ( for me of course). When Fred emerged from the shower I informed him of what he had missed . Not wanting to give away my secret identity, we decided to split before someone recognized me.

So we headed for the local museums. This time the Science Museum at the older boys request. Again we struck gold. Not only was this a wonderful museum, but we managed to sneak in a nature show at just the right time, view wonderful exhibits, and keep all of the crew young and old quite content. We spent a few hours touring the four floors. 

When our stomachs began rumbling we decided to picnic in the cool park across the street from the museums. It was a magnificent day in the sun. Afterwards we made a quick stop in the History museum as Matthew just had to see some of the Revolutionary War displays. As luck would have it there was an entire exhibit on cabinet and furniture making that Fred really wanted to check out. 

That evening we met up with Patrick and Scarlett and their 2 sons Matteo and Brian ( our godson!). Patrick brilliantly  suggested we go to Chuck'e'Cheese. We had never been ( surprising isn't it?). After plenty of play time and winning tickets, we ate and then went back to their apartment. I was unsure if this was a good idea and told Patrick it might prove difficult. He said  having us over would be sort of like a family tsunami, but he wanted to so we did. It was a wonderful evening!

On Sunday we spent the afternoon at a lake nearby, after mass. In the afternoon Brian was baptized along with another little girl. It was such a lovely visit and so nice to see a new family growing and flourishing. We are so happy to be a witness to that love.

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