Friday, March 4, 2011


John- Paul is officially confirmed ! He chose the name Patrick for the great Irish saint.  So now he is John-Paul David Patrick LeGare. That's a mouthful huh? There were about 75 kids in his confirmation class. The ceremony was longish, standing room only. I was so worried earlier in the week I wouldn't be well enough to attend, but I managed to pull myself together in time- PHEW! John-Paul is just a remarkable kid. He gives us so little trouble of any kind. He likes school, is docile, kind-hearted and has a great sense of humor. It's easy to take that for granted if you're not careful and so Fred and I make the most of special days to remind ourselves how blessed we are, and be appreciative. He'll be moving on to High School next year.Goodness can that be true? Here are a few shots of the evening. 


  1. My oh my. I cannot believe how grown up he is. It seems like just yesterday he was one of the "little" boys. Many prayers for him on his Confirmation! Missing you all.

  2. Congratulations to, John-Paul David Patrick! We're looking forward to the confirmation of Marie Bernadette Cecilia next month! :)