Friday, March 18, 2011

Perigee and Apogee

Just a quick reminder for all of you out there that tomorrow is Super Moon Saturday! It is also coincidentally St Joseph's day, a very special day in our family since St Joseph and Fred are old friends. We keep it as a pretty special family holiday each year, and also remind our children greatness doesn't always attach itself to elegance in words, but at times to simple deeds and hard work, as in the case of St Joseph the Silent.

In any case, back to the moon.What this Super Moon means is that the moon will appear larger since it is at its closest to the Earth that it has been in a long time. In fact its been 18 years since its been this close.It is called the Perigee. When it is furthest away it is conversely called its Apagee. I think that is pretty cool. Actually Fred and I wake the kids for eclipses, and meteor showers or other interesting things in the sky, as we both love the excitement. Turns out you can find out about all these neat phases of the moon and lunar activity online nowadays.

As an aside, many of you have probably heard there are strange happenings in human behavior and elsewhere due to the gravitational forces of the moon. I am sorry to report after much research that these occurences appear to scientists to be speculation.So, if you're inclined to believe people are more crazy, or wild, or intuitive near the full moon, looks like your on your own. You cannot blame the moon on your behavior or anyone else's.Hope you enjoy the moon tomorrow, and that you'll say a little prayer for Freddy that St Joseph will continue to hold both his hand and his hammer this upcoming year.

And, in case you miss the lunar excitement tomorrow- fear not, you can find out when it happens next by clicking here.

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