Tuesday, March 22, 2011


So, I'm going to tell you a few more details about the trip to North Carolina. I already informed you of our exceptional weather and how well the kids traveled, and even about the lodgings which help to make any trip so much more fun. Imagine for a moment being me and walking out of a room with an unmade bed, dishes in the sink, and crumbs on the floor, and then returning hours later to a clean place with beds made, dishes clean, fresh towels, and a vaccuumed rug. Tell me if you think I need much more then that to feel like I am on vacation? I don't. Housekeeping is a big part of my pampering .( I have tried to make the same magic work since I got home but much to my chagrin I find am simply behind in my housework.)

On Friday we decided to check things out around town. The first thing that caught our eye was a playground with a track. Have I mentioned I took up running? Well, I did. I will run on a treadmill if I have to, but I prefer to be soaking in the sunshine, so this little spot had my name all over it. We pulled over and Fred took the kids to the playground while Andy and I went for a run.

When I got back to the park a friendly southern woman gave me a tip that a good place to visit is Marbles. Marbles, huh,sounded interesting. Its a kids museum she said. Maybe not for the teenagers but 12 and under would have fun. We headed over. They gave us a group rate.

Then we were in a child's wonderland. In every direction there was something safe, fun, interesting, and entertaining. Peter hung with Fred and I, while Andy and JP decided to tour the building. I have not seen my little ones so enchanted as they were in ages. The smiles, laughter and giggles were wonderful as they pirated, doctored, and put out fires all afternoon.

Aquariums were plentiful, games, stuffed animals, and toys of all sorts abounded. The children's imaginations were free to roam wild, and roam they did. After some time we still hadn't seen the older boys and wondered where they could be hiding out. Peter went to find them. He came back and told us to follow him upstairs. We found the older boys deep in Lego construction and as happy as clams. They built a castle for a bunch of little ones who were hanging around watching them.

Upstairs presented a whole new sensory experience. An indoor hockey rink, race-car building area, a ball room, cheerleading squad uniforms, and an area to build with real tools for eager young carpenters.

Needless to say  we left exhausted and ready to have a late lunch/early dinner as we walked down cobblestone streets to a local pizzeria. Then we headed back to a clean hotel for a short rest before we hit the movies for the evening. What a wonderful day!

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  1. Those children museums are amazing. We've been to several in different cities and it's just a blast. I'm so glad you got a break!