Thursday, May 9, 2013

Where do puppies come from?

Sophia wants a dog. She doesn't quite yet understand how you get one.

If you have seen any of my posts over the last few years, its pretty obvious that my children spend a lot of time in nature capturing creatures. Having a small stream in our yard brings crayfish, salamanders, frogs,toads, and turtles by the dozen. Mike and Tom spend the better part of spring and summer catching and releasing their finds. Sophie watches them like a hawk.

Tonight we had roast chicken for dinner. She absolutely insisted on having the legs. She is so little, but she does have a good appetite, so I let her have them, despite her brothers protests. As I anticipated, she gobbled it right down and polished off everything else on her plate too. The others were helping clear the table at the end of dinner when I heard a commotion. "Mom Sophie's being naughty!" I rolled my eyes and called her to me. She had stepped outside the back door but was still within ear shot. She pulled the door back open and stomped in. For such a little person, she really fills the room. I am the only person in the family big enough to challenge her- I kid you not.

"Sophia Grace, what are you doing now?"

She had a sullen look on her face as she responded "NOTHING!"

Mike piped up "Yes she did! She threw her chicken bones outside!"

Now her eyes grew big, like she was caught. Puzzled, I decided to ask a few more questions.

"Sophie, did you throw your chicken bones outside?"

She nodded,slowly,reluctantly, head down-turned.

"Why would you do that young lady- the garbage can is right here?"

Very indignantly she responded:

"Mom, those are doggy bones!"

I instantly realized what she was up to. Sophie figured that if she threw her bones into the yard, a stray dog would come by to chew on them and Voila- she would have a new doggy! All she had to do was sit and wait for it to happen. And that nasty brother Michael just ruined her well planned chance. So very close!

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