Thursday, May 30, 2013

They're Herrreeee!

Our new chickens that is. Our friends Mike and Jane replenished their flock and got more than they needed. So our eight new chickens are in their new home tonight. They'll have to fight out the pecking order, I assume, over the next couple of days. We may need to head back to the library for a few books on raising chickens. These girlies won't be ready to lay for another month or so, so we have a bit of time to figure it all out. The kids are excited. Sophie was so excited she wet her pants. That wasn't terrific, cause I'm not kidding- she really did get so excited she wet her pants! They are all trying to figure out names- Matthew thinks we should call two of them "Set-it" and the other "Forget- it" which is terrible and funny all at once. I'll have to post better pictures tomorrow, as the sun was going down tonight and the battery on the camera was almost dead. Here's a preview:

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