Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Day

We are settled back at home after our week on the beach. Good news is, my plants did not die while we were away. In fact my tomatoes, and potatoes are growing nicely. There are buds on the blackberry bushes, and the fruit trees are all doing well too! A really cool find took us by surprise. We used a topsy turvy we had bought last year, for a few extra tomato plants. One day when we went to water, we found a birds nest inside with a bunch of little eggs being hatched!  On top of all that, we are just about ready for chickens. Fred spent some time a while back one weekend, putting together a chicken coop with the little girls. Its finished today, and waiting for some chickens to move in.
I haven't killed it yet!
we didn't plant these potatoes, they are growing in hay and mulch above ground.
this birds nest with eggs is being hatched ...
...inside this!
Fred gets to work with his girls
they are hard workers
frame is ready
add chicken wire and primer
a red roof and trim
a golden chicken emblem for fun
now we just need chickens!

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