Tuesday, May 28, 2013

New Cards

We headed to the library today. We are officially on break from school, and so the library gets top priority on our downtime list. Three new library cards were issued today for the first time. Thomas, Michael, and Mary all are official cardholders. Talk about a big deal. I let them take out two books each. I have learned from years past, if you take out more than two- not only do my children decide against reading at all, they will also destroy at least one of them. Which turns the library into a very expensive Borders, and takes all the fun out of it for Mom. Two it is. Two books will be read and returned before the next two are chosen.

And John- Paul is also holding a new card these days. Its his learners permit. We went for his first spin today if you can believe that. I certainly cannot. He seems like a natural behind the wheel. See what I mean?

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