Thursday, June 6, 2013

Our basement flooded

Our basement flooded this afternoon. It was the worst one we've ever had as a family-ever. The whole floor was covered  and every object some (special some not) in the path soaking in H2O. And the water smelled N-A-S-T-Y.  It was so bad it merited calling Fred home from work to rescue us all.

Guess what?

It was the best part of my day today. And NO, I don't mean because everything else was so awful. It was the best part because it was a real problem; not one of the imagined ones that I  play through my mind a gazillion times most days wondering if I'll be able to handle it, fix it, or endure it. It was concrete.In those imagined scenarios I usually fail miserably and scare myself into more worry in the process and convince myself of how terrible, and awful everything will likely wind up being.

But in this real life flood here is what I actually found out:

  • All of my kids pulled together.

  •  They all had something to do and were willing to help, no matter their size.

  •  They are smart and ingenious in their solutions, much like their father.

  • They stick with it to the bitter end, and they don't make a fuss over difficult situations.

  • They will sacrifice small things easily for the sake of each other.

  • I have an immensely talented husband who can fix anything.

  • He must really love our children to fix so many things for so long.

  • He didn't complain even once.

  • Even though I couldn't do much to fix it, he was happy I just stayed and talked to him while he did.

  • I'm pretty sure the last one means he must really love me.

Who would have thought we could learn so much from a flood? God is good. All. The. Time.


  1. You’ve got a strong family, Ellie. Despite the disaster, you were able to handle yourself in a calm and composed manner, and pull together for a strong finish! You know what they say: Adversity brings out the best and worst of us, but in your case, it only brought out the best qualities in your family. Good job!

    Veronica Newton @ Dry1st

  2. There is always a silver lining in every cloud. It’s just a matter of being willing to see the good in every situation, even flooded basements can have their positive side, as your family experienced. Of course, this doesn’t mean doing nothing until the next rains come. One good thing that can be taken from this experience is the value of preparation.

    Gail Wallace

  3. It’s amazing how you were capable to see the bright side of a seemingly awful situation. Keep this attitude going, and you’ll surely be able to endure all the odds life could offer. As for the flooded basement, such predicaments could be prevented by waterproofing and strengthening its foundation. Anyway, I hope all is well with you. Good day!

    Mildred Mclaughlin @ Better Basements