Saturday, June 8, 2013


I figured tonight was as good as any to catch you all up on the happenings in our yard. Since school finished we have joined the summer reading program at the library, finished our last track meet of the season, and visited the shrine of St Elizabeth Ann Seton for the official tour. But lots of other time has been spent by the pool side and with our new chickens. Lets see if I can remember all the new names we have given them: There's Hawkeye, Flo, Frances, Oreo, Sally, Pearl, Hot Dog, and Garden ( I'll let you guess who named the last two).

We have been letting them out for the last few nights to see how they do , and its going swell. They even let the kids pet them a bit. It will be a little while till they lay yet. Tom and Mike are the responsible parties  for chicken care. They don't like the idea of it entirely, but are warming up as they  do love the chickens.

The rest of the plant growth is doing so well. I have one almost ripe tomato if you can believe it, and nothing else has died! The strawberry plant is exploding with buds, the potatoes are growing, and the fruit trees have tons of new growth. Remember the little nest I shot a photo of a few weeks ago in my tomato planter? The eggs hatched this week and the babies are as sweet as could be. Lastly, Fred finally bought a new ( second hand) back-hoe today. For the last year or so I have been hearing how all my troubles would be solved if only I had the proper piece of heavy equipment. Today it arrived, and already I can imagine a life full of bliss. At least- one of us can. He is as happy as any man I have ever seen.

How's life by all of you? Hope you're enjoying the sunshine. Thanks for stopping by here!
about five baby birds hatched this week

Matthew finishing the 3000
pretty in pink -with ribbons to boot!
Brothers and teammates
JP coming into his own
I'm pretty sure I can swim

First tomato!
Joe supervises the girls with the chickens
All is right in the world for Fred

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