Saturday, June 22, 2013

A small string of misfortunes

What a strange week. So much of it has been really wonderful. The weather is beautiful, and the kids are having a great summer break. The pool is open, summer reading is underway, the veggies are growing, the chickens are here and happily roaming the yard.

But this week has also been filled with so many other things. Small things really, if taken by themselves. But presented to me in such a way that I can hear them groaning in the background of my heart persistently. All week long, whilst I have been moving along in my own little life, I have been 'reminded' so to speak, by varied requests both on the phone and through email, and regular mail, for prayers for peoples aches and pains.

A sickness
someone searching for work
a battle with mental illness
new motherhood struggles
a loved one is dying
a struggle in faith
cancer looms
problems with schooling
a misunderstanding between friends
overdue bills
car troubles
marriage woes
health problems 
a child on drugs

And the list goes on. Of course, it is tempting to shut oneself up in ones  own heart and close the world out. But I guess I wasn't given a heart like that. My own life can seem so idyllic, that if I am not careful, I can make myself believe that Sophia's bee sting  yesterday, along with four children getting shots,  and Fred feeling a bit under the weather is a genuine calamity.

  But it isn't.

People are suffering. Even when the sun shines, and the pool is open.And we're not even skimming real problems like poverty and hunger- just the everyday versions we all encounter. And those requests for prayer come from the deeper places of peoples hearts. They want  to know someone besides themselves will ask God for a helping hand on their behalf. That someone will take a minute from their own life and quietly think outside the box of their own world- and care. I never feel that I have the answers to these troubles presented me, good thing I suppose, but I am willing to listen. And I will pray for all of you who have asked me. I promise.

Remember: God is good. All the time.

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