Tuesday, March 19, 2013

St Joseph

Today is the feast of St Joseph and the biggest celebration of feast days in our house, despite the fact I am not even slightly Italian.We just finished a novena to our patron St Joseph. My Dad had a strong devotion to him, and he died with all the sacraments of the church, surrounded by his family. Having married a carpenter, it made a whole lot of sense for us to become devoted to this quiet simple man.We named Andrew Joseph in honor of him, and since that devotion grew as our family did, the name took first place again for Joseph Simeon a few years later. Not one single word recorded of his, and yet he was the of primary important to Jesus and Mary, and is the protector of the Universal Church. The poor carpenter. yes.

Today was a special day for us here at Four Gables. Fred made it home in the nick of time to make it with the rest of us to mass for the feast day.  We made a favorite dinner- steak Alfredo  with mud hens for dessert. Then relaxed and played games this evening. If you'd like to know what that is join Pinterest.

St Joseph, pray for us.

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