Sunday, March 31, 2013

Chapter One; My legs really hurt

It was a really wonderful Easter here. I was worried it might be very difficult, having lost my Mom so recently. But I was so comforted by the Easter message of Resurrection, and the gift of family and friends, that I actually felt really close to my Mom throughout the day. What a blessing.

This Easter too, marked the first time Fred and I were able to take ALL TEN of our children to the Easter vigil! I was worried Lolo might not do too well through the very long ceremony, but she actually managed to hold it together. In fact, she is the reason for the post title today. I'll explain. After listening patiently to the blessing of the fire, and then processing into church, and NOT being able to hold her own candle,( I could picture her lighting one of her sisters heads of hair aflame) she was getting a bit squirmy last night. Then the readings began. The vigil mass has a whole bunch of readings. ( 7 total, but most pastors shorten it to 5) . Between each, the psalms are sung. It is both Fred and my favorite Mass to attend, so rich with symbolism and meaning, but it is loooonnnggg. Finally, Father proclaimed the gospel and finished  with everyone answering         'Thanks be to God '. Just as Everyone was seated Lolo called out nice and loud "Chapter One; my legs really hurt!" Of course I am certain everyone's legs really hurt with all the standing , sitting, and  kneeling, but Lolo was the only one to articulate it for the crowd. (We Catholics train them young!) Thankfully, she made it through the rest of mass without incident. And my girls have been besides themselves with excitement having their cousins Maria and Anna here since Good Friday. Plus- Our thoughtful Aunt Angela sent some adorable dresses for them to wear Easter morn!
Should we play dress up, or color Easter eggs? How bout both!

Joey led the team filling 1200 eggs fir the hunt!

My beautiful god-daughter finds her Easter basket!
Lolo looked like Pebbles Flintstone, but acted like Bam Bam

Our Egg Hunt was splendid, with so many old and new faces speckling the crowd, despite the rainy day! We put 1200 eggs out and the kids seemed to find every last one! What good sports kids are. Easter is such a beautiful time to celebrate all that is new, all that has been reborn in us. We are blessed! For any of our friends that were in attendance, we were so busy with the egg hunt we barely shot any photos. Please send me some photos in an email and I'll update the blog!
The frenzy begins
Ready, set, go!

any prize eggs? yup!

Hope you all had a blessed and wonderful Easter too!

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