Monday, March 11, 2013

Bumper Pool

Fred announced to me on Sunday that he had purchased a bumper pool table at the local auction. I have never played bumper pool, so I didn't really know how to react. When I saw the table I felt a bit better though. Within 24 hours everyone has staked a claim on it. It became pretty clear to see that each family member had a different view of what they could get out of the table, and why it has been accepted so quickly. I won't waste words, where a picture ( or a few) will speak more readily:

What Fred saw- an opportunity to play a childhood game
What I saw- extra room for eating if we have a party
What the little girls saw- pretty table for tea parties with their dolls
What my boys saw- perfect poker table
You can see why it's going to be a hit. Now we just have to decide where to keep it, and whose turn it actually is to use.

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