Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Back on Track

Since life isn't busy enough around these here parts, today we started our track and field back up. My kids are so incredibly excited to begin. Mary is part of the team for the first time after  watching and running 'unofficially' for years. I think my kids get most excited about Coach John who is all about teaching the kids sportsmanship and having a ball simultaneously.

Of course, three nights of practice every week, and meets every weekend from here until mid June is sure to wear us all out. At least we just finished third quarter and so the last one is generally filled with review so the classroom work will be a tab easier.  Thankfully, Fred will do most of the Track coordination and driving. I might ( cross fingers- say a prayer) even sneak in a few nights that are a bit quieter since I'll have only the two  little girls staying behind.

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