Saturday, March 9, 2013

Fun by Proxy

I did some Spring cleaning today. It just felt like a good day to scrub. Its warming up out there, and the earth is more green than brown, so my step is lighter. I find myself so busy most days with ten kids going in ten directions that cleaning can be a necessary and welcome opportunity. Today though, I stepped back and realized just how blessed I actually am in the midst of it all. 

I called this post 'fun by proxy' because that's how I felt all weekend. Maybe it should really be 'happiness by proxy'.  One thing I never counted on as a Mom  was the ability to genuinely be happy and 'having fun' when I didn't actually do something myself. It would have seemed almost impossible to enjoy an event you are not attending, but it actually  does happen to me regularly now. For instance John-Paul was invited to a dance last night and we spent the afternoon yesterday picking up flowers, talking about where they were going to dinner, and getting clothes prepped. Meantime Andrew and Peter headed out for pizza and a movie with a group of about 60 Christian college friends who formed a  new group on campus. 

This afternoon four of the younger boys headed to the races with Fred. It takes years off of Fred's life to sit and watch cars run on a dirt track for a few hours and the smile it brings to him is worth every minute to me. Back at home I was busy getting dresses ready and pressed for the little girls who are at the father-daughter dance tonight. Can you picture how happy the three little ones were to be dressing up for a dance with their Daddy? The excitement in the air was palpable. While they were still giggling in the bath, Peter called and asked if he and his friends could take Joe, Tom, and Mike on a Trolley ride in Gettysburg and then grab dinner. What an awesome older brother. Andrew and JP headed to the vigil mass, came home for dinner with Matt and I, and then off Andrew went to a bon-fire. Matt and JP are picking out a movie for us to pop in til the others arrive back home.

All of these things have me completely delighted. My heart feels so full knowing my family is happy. I never anticipated being able to enjoy life this much, even when I am not really the one participating, but simply helping it keep happening. I guess love is like that. It reaches out of itself. Its full of surprises.