Monday, March 5, 2012

What a Fluke!

Did you all hear this yet? The Georgetown college woman 'Sandra Fluke' who testified before Congress ( she was very well spoken I might add- even if I utterly disagreed with her). Rush Limbaugh said some nasty things about her afterwards that caused a stir, and then the President called to see if she was OK?  

Did you ever have one of those moments when you're just NOT convinced you're getting the whole story? I kept trying to read about it and give the benefit of the doubt to her, but just felt that nagging feeling inside. Today I figured out why. 

It turns out Sandra Fluke is not 23, she is 30.  So I guess the media got that wrong- or did she give the wrong age...hmmmm? Certainly age doesn't mean everything, but it was a little deceptive on someone's part for a start. Then it turns out she actually targeted  Georgetown for the very reason that she wanted to change things up with their contraceptive policy. She was a plant! You know the whole fool me once line? That is how I felt reading about her.She is a professional activist going around stirring up trouble for those who are- in her opinion- acting unjustly towards others in the sexual sphere- (as defined solely by her views it would seem as well.) I CANNOT believe what a shabby job the media did in parading this one out like she was the Irish Spring Girl. 

When Sandra says unfair, she doesn't just mean the whole contraceptive thing. She wants all of us to pay for all sorts of stuff like  gender reassignment operations as well. Don't believe me? Read the whole article she co-wrote and published  in the Georgetown Law Journal- you can purchase  it here ( but I wouldn't waste my money). She is not some brave, young, innocent, freedom-loving woman, who was attacked by a portion of  the media after gathering up enough courage to voice her opinion- she has a serious agenda most folks wouldn't agree with that she has been working for years! This is the culmination of it for her.

What a crock. Maybe she didn't deserve to be called a s**t, but I just gotta tell you, I can come up with a few names of my own.  

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  1. Ha! That's good to know. I was getting sick of hearing about her.