Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Bathing with the Dinosaurs

I believe its PBS that has a show called "Walking with the Dinosaurs". My kids love it and just about any show there is with Dinosaurs and other 'creatures'. 'Creatures'  is actually  Mike and Toms code word for all slippery, slimy little boys stuff like snakes, crayfish, salamanders,and frogs. The only thing they love more than plastic dino's is real creatures they find in the yard. Yesterday as we drove to noon mass, Thomas and I chatted about the beautiful sunny day. I mentioned how warm and pretty it was today, Thomas answered with "there must be creatures coming out" with this wistful voice that delighted almost as much in the thought of creatures, as the actual find.
Tonight we bathed all the grubby little girls, and trimmed bangs, and blew dry hair, and cut all mid to young boys hair on the front porch. They washed all the dirt from their little bodies and climbed into clean beds with fresh jammies on. When I was finally done and needing to wash the itch off of me from all the haircuts, I jumped in after them. I found- creatures- and I was just too tired to clear them all out of the tub so I bathed with plenty of dinosaurs and an alligator too. It is nice to be a kid. It is sometimes just as nice to simply have kids. I am grateful.

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