Tuesday, March 13, 2012


We heard peepers on our way home tonight. Honest. Peepers! It felt so warm as the breeze blew through the rolled down car windows. It couldn't really be Winter still could it? Nah. I knew it was going to be that kinda day this morning when I had to chase little ones back into the classroom three separate times. They were busy with a few toads they had caught on the porch. They placed a clear plastic lid over them to trap them and watch them simultaneously. Trying to do Math while there are 2 toads sitting on the porch behind your class window is mighty difficult. Once lessons were over Mike and Tom disappeared alllllll day. I finally called them in at suppertime. We grilled tonight and Sarah kept asking when we'd open the pool. Hope the sun soaked into your soul wherever you are, as much as it did in these parts today.

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