Friday, March 9, 2012


I spent the day in the kitchen prepping food for a Father Daughter Dance happening tomorrow night. It should be a whole lot of fun. I know my Mary and Sarah are absolutely turning themselves inside out at the mere thought of attending. We made a whole lot of food today and tomorrow will bring the hot stuff, plus the set-up. We even have a dance instructor to teach everyone properly! Of course I hadn't planned the most important thing of all- dresses ( try to remember how many boys I had before dresses entered back into my world and you might make a little space for the faux pas!)  and only thought of it for the first time while on the phone with my faithful friend Elizabeth. Thankfully she drove over an assortment of swirly, twirly dresses for us to pick from. I might even curl hair if I find a few minutes. I think Fred will be on his own with the suit and tie, but he cleans up pretty well- so there are no real worries! 

I'll be sure to post some pictures as soon as I get them. 


  1. Ellie, that is going to be so precious! The little girls in their pretty dresses, Fred all dressed up and sweet time for them together. Please post pictures!! :)

  2. Can't wait to see photos! Silva was dead tired and expressed no interest in going. ?? Her loss!!! The goodies look delicious.