Friday, October 4, 2013

Poor Pete

Along side full time schooling this semester, Peter is stocking shelves at the local grocery store. He is tired and happy, and mostly tired. But we all know that's good for him. After all, Fred tells me, he has lots of fond memories of doing the same at his age.

Whats not so good is having Fred as your father when you're working in the local grocery store.

Tonight, Fred had to make a quick run out for milk. Knowing Peter was the only guy stocking shelves tonight, Fred walked down the aisles and pulled items like Clorox, sponges, tuna fish, soap, bread, cheese, etc. from the shelves and placed them in the middle of the floor all around the store like a bread crumb trail.

Peter  figuring out who was causing the chaos quickly collected them, found his father, and promptly dropped the armful into his cart with a smug- 'got ya' look on his face. I told Fred it sounded like Peter had the last laugh. He said actually he didn't , he just left the cart in the middle of a different aisle before paying for him milk.

Poor Pete.

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