Sunday, October 13, 2013

My five year old dolly

It is Sarah's fifth birthday. Its not possible for her to get any sweeter. I am absolutely addicted to this child. Maybe its because she is second to the last in our family, same place I was. Maybe its her gentle disposition. Maybe its her way of making everyone around her feel special. Maybe its all of the above. In any case, I wanted to make her birthday really wonderful. After all she is a whole hand old now.

Since it was raining, we first took her to a movie. Planes. Just like the movie Cars, only with airplanes.
Mary and Sophie made this in their room to surprise their sister.

After, it was still raining. Its actually been raining here for days and days. Fred says its the remnants form the tropical storm,which must have been a doozy if it's lasting this long. Anyway we don't let rain stop us for most things. This weekend was the Colorfest in a nearby town. Vendors making crafts, and selling food all through the streets, so we went despite the weather. We picked up some roasted nuts, from the kettle corn people, and spent time in and out of the happy wet booths.

Then we came home and had Sarah's request for dinner- tacos. Why do kids like tacos so much? I made chicken fajitas as well for the folks who don't love tacos as much as the little ones do. Sarah also wanted a zebra cake for her birthday, ( aka an ice box cake). After opening presents we hit a pinata around until all the kids were laughing and ready to pounce on some candy. I hope she knows how special she is. She seems pretty happy. As I write there are peals of laughter as they play hungry, hungry, hippos!
icebox/zebra cake

she is happy with EVERYTHING!
A doll for the doll
it took quite a few hits

Joe decapitated the pony, but we still had to send in older reinforcements after to finish the job!

 a happy bedlam

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