Friday, October 11, 2013

First Quarter

First quarter tests and grades ready for mailing. Included in the package are grades for  one preschooler, one kindergartner, one second grader,  one third grader, one fifth grader, one sixth grader, one eighth  grader,  one junior in high school.
Its blurry, cause my whole life is blurry right now...

What the package does not show for the same time period is three stops in New York, one funeral,  one visit to Washington for an unofficial field trip ( good thing we got to the National gallery before the government solved all our problems!) one week where 4 kids got a stomach bug, 7 weeks at the tutorial,  3 birthdays, chicken care, mountains of laundry, and dinner made every night ( yes I still count it, even if it was pizza or Chinese a few times).

One dog tired Mom, scheduled for fall break next week is currently.... ready.for.bed.

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