Monday, December 10, 2012

The Tree

Yesterday we decorated our Christmas tree. Its awful purty.  We usually make a big feast of all sorts of goodies, and spend the afternoon gobbling, listening to music, and applying ornaments. This has been a really good Advent for us so far. It doesn't feel harried to me. We are lighting our advent wreath nightly, and moving our wise men one room at a time through the house, we are putting straw in the manger to prepare for the babe. Mostly we are trying to find places inside each of us that we've left him no room. You know those dusty corners of our hearts.The ones  that claim ownership and refuse to acknowledge God while clinging tenaciously to a perceived good like daffy Duck with that pearl  "Its Mine I tell you, mine, all Mine!!!"

Yeah we all have those nasty places. Places so chock full within ourselves there simply isn't any room at all for God to maneuver  let alone sleep for the night. Goodness, we could make that no-good-Inn in Bethlehem look like a welcome respite with the way we turn Him out at times.That's what we're working on at our house this year. But of course at Christmas its so much easier to do the work since joy is peeking through everything.  Even denying yourself ( since all Advent is actually a penitential season) feels sort of  'happy'.

I have found I am so grateful lately. Grateful for so many small things, health, work, a house,family, good-wholesome- healthy food, loving relationships with my kids ( the big as well as the small!), a husband who is simply wonderful, friends that grow dearer to me daily- God blesses us continually and we know it and feel thankful. So, yes Advent is great and we are happy!
getting the lights on the tree 
Sarah places the star ( she was terrified)
I added tinsel later that would make my Uncle Dave proud
The little ones got more excited as each decoration came out

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