Sunday, December 2, 2012


Laundry is a four letter word in my house. But my wonderful husband changed all that this past week. He managed to pull together a few days to spend working on our house. Fred had been wanting to re-do the little girls room for ages. The room had belonged to the little boys before our addition went up, and we never quite finished the work. Then we moved Mike and Tom downstairs and soon after wound up moving the three girls into that room. We hadn't planned it, it just sort of happened and we still hadn't finished the ugly room. It had a combination of blue paint, pink paint, and drywall in some spots. So this week Fred moved the girls into a presentable room and transformed the eye sore into a laundry room. I'll let the before and after pictures speak for themselves. I am super happy!

a mix of old and new house that never got finished
old closet
new floor, plumbing, lighting, and a bit of paint!
folding table and shelving to organize
 new built in look- in that old yucky closet
storage space above- laundry separators below


  1. Wow! It's Beautiful!!! Fred's a decorator too!! Happy washing!!