Monday, December 3, 2012

Christmas Tree Lighting

Tonight was our towns Christmas Tree Lighting. It was a perfect night weather wise, warm enough to wear a simple sweater and feel comfortable. We really enjoy going every year, I have to admit. It always surprises me what a strange mix our town is between locals, and the college crowd from the  Mount with their families, along  with an undercurrent of Catholicism streaming in from the seminary and  local shrines. I think the diversity is most pronounced to me at this particular event, though I'm not sure why. It may have something to do with the overheard conversations while waiting on long lines for hayrides, or to see Santa, or grab a hot dog. For instance I heard two colleagues chatting about a book one has just written, while directly behind me a woman was putting the kibosh on the idea of needing to know how to use the different sized utensils in the The Carriage House restaurant   that is hosting the event by handing out free hot dogs, cocoa, and Christmas cookies to one and all. "Who needs all them forks anyway, shoot I just need one and a spoon . No one really uses all that etiquette!" (I swear to you I heard this tonight.) Its a strange and wonderful little place I live, filled with lively characters of all sorts. It has a special kind of charm, all its own. Here are some photos of the night.

Carriage House for hot dogs and caroling
On the Hayride
riding around town to look at lights
finally we met Santa!

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