Monday, April 20, 2015

Sarah's communion and a busy weekend

Sorry for the looonnngggg delay between posts. We have been busy in these parts. Life is coming at us hard and fast. Sarah made her first communion this weekend, and Grandma and Grandpa came from  New York for it. We started Friday night with the girls ballet recital. Mary was graceful, Sarah was lovely and LoLo was....well, lets just say LoLo could use a bit more practice. All week as I coached them to practice she would  harumph and say "I told you already, I'm a bad ballerina" and go back to playing. Before hand she tried to tell me she had stage fright, and when I wrinkled my nose at her, she rolled her eyes and said "FINE" and got back in line. So, while the other lovely ballerinas did plies, and twirled in the air, LoLo did too -just about 4 seconds slower.

Thankfully, Grandma and Grandpa thought a four second delay enhanced the show.

What went off perfectly was Sarah's first communion. She has been so excited preparing for it and our parish did an amazing job of making it a prayerful, and focused day. Saturday they planned a little retreat for all the communicants, and had them practice their readings. Matthew and Thomas were on the altar serving. Knowing that her grandparents were coming to town made is so special for her. I won't fill up the page with too many words, because communion is really about just that, communing. The pictures will do a better job than my words.

Lastly,  in between talking about food with my mother-in-law, my father-in-law, Phil, had been telling us about his childhood and how much he missed his brothers.  He wished he could find time to see them again. It had been ten years since he saw his brother Vince. When he said ten years, I gulped. Ten years is simply too long not to see a brother you love. So, I dragged  Fred into the next room and in asked him to call his uncle who lives about an hour or so from us, and tell him his dad was here, and invite him to come for Sarah's party on Sunday. Her juggled a few things around and he and his beautiful wife Colleen came and surprised Phil and Angela Sunday afternoon!

What a perfect family day. Uncle Vinny bought a video of his parents and family from years earlier, and all of us watched family movies together after celebrating. You could feel the happiness in the air. So that was our weekend. Hope yours was as good or better!

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