Friday, February 27, 2015

The no fish fry

Fred must have made some hefty Lenten resolutions this year. None of the normal things that usually drive us both nuts seem to be affecting him since Ash Wednesday. Things like poor customer service, bad manners, incompetency are all being met with patience and kindness in my husband. Its been so startling that while I haven't outright asked him, I am positive he has made some formal resolution to be a better human being in the public sphere. It's driving me crazy. (  OR he has been diagnosed with a terminal condition and is keeping it from me- either way- pray for me!) Anyway- not to be outdone in Lenten resolutions, I determined yesterday that I would try to follow his good example.

Fish Fry's during Lent are a given. They also support worthy causes. "Gee, why not get on board" I thought to myself. When I told Fred he said he was game and we headed out. At the door we looked at the menu and prices ( it was expensive, but for a good cause). 54.00 later I paid for 7 of us to eat fried fish.

Two of us were served before they ran out of fish.

The two fishes we did get were not fully cooked (Sushi essentially).

We then waited 27 minutes for french fries,dry macaroni, peas, coke, and brownies.

All my Lenten resolve to be a better, kinder person was drained from my tragically weak flesh.

Just as my last nerve was about to be way more fried than the non-existent fish, we won the 50/50 raffle. it was worth 53.00 total.

So the way I figure it,  I spent 1.00 for sugared up kids, a stomach ache, and fifteen more years in purgatory.

How's your lent going?

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