Saturday, April 25, 2015

The things I learn

I learn alot during down time. Not just about the world and places I visit,  but I learn alot about myself as well.  We are in Ocean City til morning and in three short days I've discovered oodles of things about myself.  Here's one-
I enjoy trash chutes far more than I should.

Here's another-
The "claw machines" in every arcade are so disappointingly weak, that I think I continue to put money in just on the outside hope this metal will actually amount to something, or do some sort of performance job.  (Please don't tell me they are American made or I will cry in despair for their lackluster ability to lift even the lightest objects). I have lifted more with seriously frozen fingers, that bordered on frost bite, than those machines can lift any day. Completely a  milk toast performance. I'm a little sickened thinking about it again now.

Also- I still haven't completely lost my touch at pacman after 30 or so years. And Fred is downright impressive.

Maybe these seem like small discoveries. Still, I think it's good to know these things.

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