Tuesday, October 30, 2012


We are still without power, so I write to you via the help of our handy, dandy generator. There are three major power mains down on our stretch of road, and it appears the power guys have packed it in for the night. We'll have to figure it out on our own for now. At least tonight there is no battering wind to have me on high alert. My goodness that sounded scary. Having seven sons last night was no fun. Not one of them ( or their father) was able to control the impulse to repeatedly go outside to check the storm. As if it weren't bad enough to listen through the walls, they kept giving me front row seats.
Yesterday Fred and I crammed 48 hours into 6 getting ready for Sandy to hit. This amounted to double time in the classroom including tests ( many tests) just in case we NEEDED to be out of school due to the storm.My kids were exhausted by days end, but just slightly ahead of where they needed to be. In a house with 12 people schedules are everything. Fred prepped the house. If you read my Zombie posts, you will not be surprised that I like to be prepared, so much of the storm supplies were already on hand. Flashlights, battery powered bathroom lights ( as few open flames with little ones as possible ), water, food, first aid, generator- all set. All our laundry was done too. Meals laid out- check. When the wind started to blow though Zoinks! We could hear all around us the crackling and splitting of wood. I was certain when we awoke- if we awoke the house and yard would be torn to shreds. Turns out none of our trees fell.Lots fell around us- all around us. Once we assessed we were all OK, I tried to check in on my family who was battling in NY. Facebook is a godsend during this type of crisis. My sister Angela was able to update me on some family, and my cousin Bob and Margaret had news as well, my sis Jacquie finally checked in tonight and so it appears all are safe. Like us they are still without power, but I am hopeful ours will return tomorrow. I am sad thinking of the damage NY and Jersey will face.
Having seven sons this morning was lots of fun. Each of the boys helped out family, friends, and neighbors with generous hearts. They make me proud on days like today. Sorry this is a bit disjointed. Mostly just wanted to say thanks to you all for your love and prayers! Know we are thinking of you all.

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