Friday, October 12, 2012


We've been pulling back further and further on video games around here in the last few months. Some of my wonderful friends are much better about this than I, and I thank you for your continued good example, it has impacted me. Anyhow, this week the kids were on fall break from classes. It was getting a bit chilly around here, and while they did play outside, it wasn't as welcoming. Being cooped up inside was also proving difficult, since the video games were on hold. And then they discovered the closet that holds all the board games! HOURS OF ENTERTAINMENT! 

For some reason they honed in on The Game of Life. Its not my first pick - give me world domination in RISK any day- But they were all enjoying it. One afternoon Thomas came in to me slightly downcast. He had been playing with Joe, Matt, and Mike.  I put down my book and said:

Come here buddy, whats wrong?

I don't like that game.

No? Why not?

(Big sigh) Well, every time I go to college I wind up in so much debt! I have nothing but loans and wind up losing everything. Its no fair.

Supressing a laugh,I stopped for a minute to think - then asked:

Well, what could you do differently next time you play?

Oh that's easy, I'm gonna go down a different path.

OK, that might work Tommy! What will you be if you don't go to college?

I'll be an entertainer. They make lots of money and barely have to work!

He then skipped off quietly, contented on his new path. I think I may need to take a second look at that game after-all. Maybe it really does teach you about the game of life. 


  1. I have memories of playing this with Andy... Ugh "This is the game that NEVER ends... yes it goes on and on my friend, some people started playing it not knowing what it was, and they'll continue playing it forever just because... this is the game that never ends..." I don't think I've played since. BUT... I still love Andy.