Saturday, October 20, 2012

Costume Fun

The boys have dress-up ballroom tonight. They have been talking about it for weeks. Deciding on costumes, planning the evening. It's fun to watch. Yesterday Andrew headed to Wal- Mart to buy fabric. He didn't sweat over it, or doing any preliminary drawings for his ninja costume, he just bought the material and came home. Last night climbing into bed I thought "he'll never get a costume sewn in one day with so little experience" as I drifted off to sleep.

I was totally wrong. I swear this kid has missed his calling in life to be a tailor. Not only can he manage to cut pieces that actually turn into clothing- it really looks good! Apparently last years jester costume wasn't a fluke, cause he did it again this year.

Matt wanted to go as a box man from Minecraft  and he spent most of the day paint those boxes, but it just didn't look right and he had to fall back onto a zombie costume kind of last minute, thankfully he was in good spirits about it.Peter was a zombie rock-star, while JP was a zombie slayer. Joseph was a camoflaged army man. It's fun for me to see them get so excited.

Good stuff.

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