Friday, February 28, 2014

Tooth Fairy

Today is national tooth fairy day.

In honor of this momentous occasion, we had the tooth fairy visit for  not one, but two of our children last night. And Matthew had his braces removed as well ( but I'm not sure if that celebration should go into a different holiday, maybe for dentists?). Thomas and Joseph both lost teeth. They didn't lose them on the same day though. It was actually a day apart.

Thomas lost one of his molars on Wednesday. He put it ( as we always do) in a sealed white envelope for the tooth fairy to come and take. White envelopes are always available, they don't get mixed up, and make a fine tooth receptacle we have found. Unfortunately Michael got poked in the eye later that day with a soft nerf dart by one of his older brothers ( who will remain nameless) and scratched his cornea slightly.

He had to wear a patch to bed, and we made his sleep upstairs next to the bathroom, so he wouldn't have to navigate the stairs as  Captain Jack would, in the middle of the night. Thomas volunteered to watch over Michael, his 'best brother' for the evening. In all that commotion, with room switches and so forth,the tooth fairy couldn't find poor Thomas and the tooth wound up sitting under his pillow for a second night.

Joseph lost a tooth Thursday morning. He and Thomas decided to compare teeth and envelopes ( of course they did- they are little boys!) and  then Thomas left his toothy envelope on the kitchen counter. Later John-Paul,who was cleaning up the kitchen, threw the envelope away.

Joseph came to me late last night telling me Thomas was upset to have lost his tooth. I told him I would fix the problem. He looked totally incredulous. John Paul too, seemed doubtful of my ability to remedy this problem. I smirked.

Slinking into my bedroom closet I withdrew an entire hidden jar worth of teeth.  I then deposited one, just about the right size into an envelope, walked into the kitchen smeared ice cream and food on it, then wiped it off, crumpled it up, and then walked it down to Thomas room and told him without lying once "This looks like it was in the garbage- do you think it could be your tooth?" to which he happily agreed after feeling the hard lump in the envelope- that it must be- and deposited his head dreamily onto his pillow.

Problem solved.

I drew strange pictures on the envelopes later, letting them 'know' the tooth fairy had been there. I also deposited a few coins and household debris ( crayons, clips, a broken pencil) because Fred started this weird tradition years ago in our house. Leave it to Freddy, to make even the most basic of childhood traditions more complicated for me to deal with.  He said it wasn't enough for the tooth fairy to give them money, she had to give them other stuff to confuse them as to what her real goals were in the first place. This went back to a strange battle between Fred and the tooth fairy leftover from yester-year.

He  told Andrew and Peter that he caught the tooth fairy once as a little boy and put her in a cage in his room. He was so clever that he was actually able to trap her with one of his  wonderful teeth and grasp her by the wings.  Later his ghastly cat  named Toulouse let her escape! ( Cats are such untrustworthy fiends) My children simply CANNOT believe he had hold of her and let her escape. As a consequence, she is always a bit wary of Freddy's children's teeth, and has to decoy the reason for her visit by making it seem she *might* have been searching for something other than their wonderful teeth ( like broken up crayons or paper clips- really???).

Now, if my children don't get a strange pictures and leftover office supplies in their envelope, along with cash- they feel gypped.

How did you celebrate this wonderful holiday?

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