Monday, August 26, 2013

Once begun is half done

We began school today. I am hoping that old adage is true, once begun is half done. I think it must be so.
It was such a pleasant day. The weather cooperated, and the kids were genuinely excited. The older boys headed off some to the tutorial and others to college. Sarah started her first day of kindergarten. Only one baby left in the preschool range in these here parts by the name of Lo lo. I am also tutoring a small class at our tutorial this year. We began that today as well. Those kids are also all bright eyed and ready to learn. Its a wonderful role to play in their life.

And I really love being in the classroom. It opens new parts of my heart. I discover far more each year about myself and my children, then I ever thought possible. I do teach them some things, but mostly I listen. I listen to all sorts of things- complaints, frustrations, questions, curiosities, new ideas, wonder. We don't have all great days, but mostly they are if I am honest. They work through problems, grow a little taller and wiser, figure out life, and eat some lunch.

I have discovered there are things that never grow old . The ABC song, coloring pages, the intensity of sounding out words for the first time reader, teaching the months of the year poem to the kids, or going through the acronyms for the planets ( and I still don't have the heart to eliminate poor ole Pluto so my kids will clearly be scarred for life. Hey,  I'm okay with that.)

Some things I still haven't figured out; like why I keep buying electric pencil sharpeners year after year. Fred actually warned me against  it while we were shopping in the store, but did I listen? No. I went ahead and bought it anyway. And folks, one day in- I already regret it.

 The tips break off and clog the blade and it takes a steak knife to dig out the piece of lead. I am hoping pencil sharpeners don't operate like toasters.(You know that one must have piece of equipment we all keep despite knowing we are inches away from being electrocuted at any given breakfast-at least in my house- where the handle has long since disappeared and Mom  always has to 'rescue' the bread with a knife) . Since Fred is a hands off homeschooling parent I ignore anything he says about school even when it makes perfect sense. "WE" home-school the same way "WE" build around here. One of us does it, the other takes the credit. But hey, after 20 years lets not fix what ain't broke ( except-for-that-dang-fool-electric-pencil-sharpener-honey-if-you're-reading this-go-fix-that-pretty-please!)

I am sure I'll be ready for the end of school by December. I always am. But I'll push through, and so will the kids. For now Fall is my favorite time of year and its almost here. There is new chalk and construction paper, books that still crack just slightly when you open them up, and even a compass and protractor in our near future, what could be more perfect?

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