Wednesday, August 21, 2013

A Day in D.C.

Thanks for all the kind calls and emails inquiring about Greg. I left New York on Sunday afternoon and arrived back home Sunday evening. It took me a few days just to catch up on my life from there. Today, Freddy, that wonderful man that I married 20 years ago, decided we needed to do something as a family. He knows that I am, like the rest of my siblings, trapped right now between living and dying. My thoughts naturally turn to my brother and seem to linger there with him, yet I have an entire life that keeps calling at me too. Both need my time and energy. Both are incredibly important. 

So we headed to Washington DC with 8 of the kiddos in tow. Andrew and Peter opted for a day of ice-skating with friends, but the rest of us became tourists an hour from our home. The best part of all this is that these wonderful places are all free to boot.We started with a picnic on the Mall, and followed it by a walk through the sculpture gardens, then the Museum of Natural History, and the National Gallery. We made a pit stop at the Good Humor truck and then headed to the Zoo before ending the day with a late dinner of Il Forno Pizzeria outside in the warm breezy air. I'll post some pictures below and you can judge if it was a success. I sure think so. 

picnic lunch -picture perfect
love this sculpture tree!
Natural History Museum
the crew
Our treasures looking at the national treasures
plum-tuckered-out!(  with Adam and Eve in the background!)
outside the national gallery
mission zoo-with things one and thing two!
outside the sea lion exhibit a new set of play fountains

almost ready to spray!

thar she blows!
a shadowy performance

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