Friday, November 9, 2012

Guest Post:John Paul Work Camp

         Hey everyone! It's John-Paul. I'm doing a guest post on Mom's blog tonight in hopes of raising  some money for a charitable cause. This summer (June 22-28), I will be going to a work camp in Virginia that will be helping people in need. I will be joining over 700 other teenagers in  work  ranging from repairing unsafe decks/floors, to adding wheelchair ramps or replacing roofs in an area of particular need. All of this will be at no cost to the beneficiaries. However, to provide this free service, each work camper has to raise a few hundred dollars for materials and tools. To do this, the parish that I am going with is doing several fundraisers. The first involves Sheetz. Anybody who goes to Sheetz can tell you that they have great ready to order food and drinks and refreshing fountain drinks and slurpees that you can grab on the go (as well as coffee and my personal favorite, hot chocolate); and it also doubles as a gas station. To help raise money, I am selling small books of coupons to Sheetz. Inside these coupon books are coupons for free fountain drinks and slurpees, ready to order food and drinks and even for free donuts. There are lots of buy one get one free deals included too. They cost $10 but have free products worth over $25 inside. If you are interested, you can e-mail me at this address,

         The next fundraiser is being done in coordination with Lynch Creek Farms. If you haven't heard about them, they hand make beautiful Christmas wreaths and other decorations including garlands, centerpieces, and door swags. They also ship anywhere in the U.S., making their wreaths a great gift idea for friends or family who don't live close by. To support workcamp, you just have to go onto their site, conveniently located right here. All you have to do then is look up in the top right corner to where it says "support a fundraiser," and click on that. You will then be prompted to enter a code or the name of the group. You can then input the code, "A70163," under where it says, "enter fundraising ID," and It will say that you are supporting workcamp 2013, legare. Then any purchase you make will give 25% of the cost to the fundraiser.   This can also be done by phone. The number is 1-888-426-0781. Then all you have to do is say that you want to support a fundraiser, Workcamp 2013 or give them our fundraising code, 43224, and make whatever order you want. Also, please mention my last name, legare, so that I can get credit for the sale. 

       Lastly, you could just give a straight cash donation. If you are interested in this last option, just email me Thanks for your support!

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